Frequently Ask Questions

If I contact NexFirm for a career consultation, what can I expect?
We will create a launch plan for you so that you can decide if it is feasible to go out on your own.  Armed with the facts, you can make an informed decision and give yourself the best chance for success.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Absolutely.  We do not share any client information.  We don't even disclose who our clients are without their permission.  For your comfort we are happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement with you before your consultation.

What are the upfront costs if I want to have NexFirm create a launch plan for me?
There are no upfront costs; we publish a launch plan for your firm, free of charge.  We do this to demonstrate our matter expertise and the value of our operational processes.

If I decide to launch a firm with NexFirm's help, how long does it take?
Typically we can launch in 6 to 8 weeks.  If you need to launch sooner we can help you make it happen.

Have you seen many firms fail?
No.  We focus on collections and providing timely and accurate financial information to allow our clients to make well informed decisions, and find that this helps them to be more successful than the average small law firm.

What types of practices do you work with?
All areas of practice, in all parts of the country.  Our clients tend to be in the 2 to 25 attorney category, but we can service solos and firms larger than 25 attorneys.

Do you provide financing for a firm launch?
We do not. But, we do help you to create a forecast that you are free to use as you secure financing.  Many of our clients decide that they don't need financing after they see their launch plan indicates less startup cost than they anticipated.

Will NexFirm do EVERYTHING, or will I have tasks and responsibilities for the launch of my firm?
Everything?  No.  We provide services in the areas of Finance & Accounting, HR & Benefits, IT & Telecommunications, and Marketing.  For the things that we don't do, like providing malpractice insurance or real estate brokerage, we have a stable of third parties that we have worked with to get you the help you need.

After my firm launches, what services does NexFirm provide?
Finance & Accounting, HR & Benefits, IT & Telecommunications, and Marketing.  For most of our clients, this means that they do not have administrative or operational staff.  You pick the services that you would like.

Is it expensive?  How much do these services cost?
We will discover your needs during the launch planning process, and provide a scope of services and pricing as part of the launch plan.  Our clients find that it is less, or much less to work with NexFirm versus going it on their own or hiring other vendors.  When you factor in the time you will save with NexFirm, you will find the savings to be significant.

How long is the commitment?
Our Client Service Agreement allows you to terminate service at any time for convenience.  We have to earn your business every day.

How often do you have to come to my office to service my account?
We rarely if ever need to come to your office to service your account.  Our process is set up to support your remotely.  We may come by just to say hello.

Do I ring into a call center, or will I have a steady point of contact that I will work with?
Each of our clients has a relationship manager assigned to them called a Virtual CFO (vCFO).  Your vCFO is there to respond to your requests, and show you around our organization.  They are an advocate for you with our team, to ensure that you are enjoying the highest level of service possible.

Can I work with NexFirm if my firm has unusual needs?
We work with all sorts of firms with all sorts of needs, and we create a bespoke service delivery plan for each.  

Why don’t you offer service to firms other than law firms?
Our goal is to be really good at this, and that requires focus.  We are going to keep focused until we have every small law firm in the country as a client.